Wood, acrylic



4.5' tall, 1' wide


Idea Iteration/Design Duration

2 weeks


Creation Time

5 days



The point of the Waterfall project was to focus more on mimicking a style by diving deeper into inspiration images and coming up with a broader variety of ideas through sketches. I also wanted an easy design for my first exploration in using wood as a material.


Inspired by warm Northern California summers, the Waterfall lamp was designed to create an idyllic summer mood. Various wooden structures, like the Ahwahnee Hotel in Yosemite and the Bridgeport Covered Bridge on the Yuba River in California played an important role in its design.


Initial iterations of the Waterfall lamp involved light shining through grass to obtain an interesting effect in a table lamp form. However, this was feared as being too representational, so this idea was abandoned for a larger,  floor lamp to draw attention to the form of the waterfall element.


Construction of the lamp took place in approximately 5 days. The wooden structure was cut to size out of sheets of pine, and then combined using wood glue. Each wooden part was carefully sanded in preparation for staining and coating. Acrylic parts were combined using acrylic cement. Finally, all pieces were assembled together and lights were added.