February - June 2016


Platform: iOS

Responsibilities: UX Design, marketing, user testing, creating specs and communicating with developer

Tuned App

Tuned started when myself and two other friends were frustrated at how difficult it was to play music for a group of people. Whoever had the aux cable had total control over music, which wasn't necessarily a good thing. Even worse, someone might physically unplug the connected device and put in their own, creating an awkward break in music. We wanted to solve this problem.


Together, we brainstormed a number of ideas. After testing a few ideas with basic paper prototypes, Tuned started becoming real. The gist was that users could suggest songs to a collaborative playlist using songs from Spotify's API. Other users connected to the playlist could upvote a song. Whatever had the most votes was played, then removed from the list, then the song with the next highest number of votes was played. This created an immensely diverse playlist of music that everyone enjoyed through our tests.


The app had three modes. "Events" were for parties revolving around a particular location and time. "Groups" was meant for friends that weren't necessarily always around each other. "Around Me" was geographically based, giving users a playlist they could access immediately when downloaded that would provide songs from their college campus or city.


Development of Tuned is currently halted due to problems integrating with the Spotify API. Still, this was my first foray into a strictly-software world, and proved to be a valuable experience in testing, prototyping, developing, and marketing a software product.