B.S. Product Design Engineering

Class of 2016

Yahoo Mail (iOS) - Product Management Intern

Sunnyvale, CA - Summer 2016


Kinoma (Marvell) - Maker in Residence Intern

Santa Clara, CA - Summer 2015



Over the past few years, I've worked on a number of projects, each centered on the design process with numerous stages of research, sketching, ideation, prototyping, and testing. Each project is unique and often explores an unfamiliar area. Be sure to check them out - click on any of the projects on the right to find out more about them!

John Bordoni

Explorer, designer, and maker

of physical and digital products.

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Given the announcement of iOS 10 in June 2016, the Yahoo Mail team wanted to make sure that they would be ready with the newest features in the app when iOS 10 was released to the masses that following September. I took on the task of researching all of the features that Yahoo Mail could implement, brainstorming how these features might be implemented, creating prototypes and then iterating on those prototypes given feedback from the User Experience Lab. Prototypes involved exploring new widgets on the Lock Screen, an app created in Swift that triggered notifications that took advantage of some of the features of the newest notification framework in iOS, and exploring how SiriKit might be implemented for Yahoo Mail.


Additionally, during Yahoo's Summer Hackday, I was on the team that won one of four hack challenges with a feature that allowed new location-based stationery in Yahoo Mail depending on the location of the user.

Kinoma is a company that aims to help makers and tech companies create Internet of Things products with ease with their main product, the Kinoma Create. As a summer intern, I worked on a number of group and individual projects to create anything we wanted that would show off the capabilities of the tool.


One project involved modifying an IKEA Poang chair to act as a controller with two arms that a user would operate to move the left and right treads of a remote controlled tank. Another project involved creating a smart water bottle that would connect to a companion app on an iPhone. The bottle would use a force-sensitive resistor to estimate the volume of water a user had consumed, and light up the bottle with a color from red to green to signal progress towards a daily goal. Another project was a gumball-scaled Skeeball machine, where players could launch gumballs onto a playing board with IR beam sensors to see "hits", servos to release gumballs into the playing field, and individually addressable LED strips to provide feedback.


For these projects, I took the lead on physical design and electronics design, using Fusion 360 to create 3D drawings that could then be 3D printed. Circuits were designed and implemented to connect all of the hardware and sensors together. I coded in JavaScript (the Kinoma Create language) to connect all of the parts together to make sure they operated correctly.



M.S. Human Computer Interaction

Class of 2018