Platform: iOS

Problem: How might we improve the daily lives of Georgia Tech graduate students with children?

Responsibilities: Interviewing and meeting with user group, affinity mapping, ideation of solutions, prototyping ideas, UX Design

CareCircles App

Students often have to manage time between a number of clubs, classes, social lives, and daily errands in their daily lives. We wanted to explore the idea of time management with a user group that we thought were good representations of this problem. Numerous user groups come to mind immediately when thinking about time management, but one we thought never got the attention they deserved was graduate students with children. Not only do they have the problems that every other student has on campus, they also have to deal with taking care of a child, managing life with their family, and sometimes having an additional job.


One of the big challenges was actually finding users to interview. We knew they were more than 10% of graduate students, but due to their already cramped schedule, getting contact with students took some time. After talking to numerous people on campus (including graduate housing managers and Graduate Studies staff) and sending out surveys, we were able to interview six graduate students with children for about an hour each to hear about their problems. We also pulled data from our surveys, previous survey data from Georgia Tech, a number of journal articles and blog posts, and what solutions other universities were offering. From these notes and multiple sessions of affinity mapping, our group created two personas that accurately represented the issues seen in the user group - namely, a sense of loneliness, a lack of time, and strained finances. From over 25 ideas, we narrowed down to five, eventually pursuing CareCircles after discussing those five ideas with our user group.


From there, I came up with the general app flow with the help of Balsalmiq mockups and sketches, eventually creating a prototypes in Invision and Framer to get additional feedback.