Aluminum, polycarbonate, steel



Turning, milling, 3D printing



12" tall, 4" wide


Idea Iteration/Design Duration

5 weeks


Creation Time

3 weeks



Being a lover of candy, I wanted to build a Skittles dispenser from scratch. Originally, I imagined a box-like design, similar to ones often seen near the entrance of grocery stores. However, while trying to create a functional prototype out of aluminum sheet metal, it became clear that the design was overly complex and required difficult TIG welds.


Thus, a complete redesign occurred, with a much sleeker (and internally simpler) design. Numerous prototypes were created, failures were made, and hours were spent in the machine shop, but ultimately resulted in an end product I was hugely proud of. Follow through my process through initial sketches to finished product below!


Major lessons learned from the project were to never fall in love with your first idea, fail often and fail early, and how to recognize designs that would be difficult to manufacture.